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The Flash Season1


* Runs heading into danger, he will fail. Why? He doesn’t think he’s capable. Doubt is his real enemy.

* Some people, when they break. They can’t be put together again.
Some people heal even stronger.



* It’s doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive.
Every one of us is running.
Being alive means running. Running from something, running to something, or someone.

* For every person you save, there’s gonna be something you can’t.
And the hardest thing you’re gonna have to face, is not some monster out there with powers, it’s gonna be that feeling for uselessness when you can’t do anything, or the guilt that weighs on you when you make mistake.
Some things, you can’t fight, some things you just have to live with.



* A lot of guys waste energy trying to land the most punches.
All it takes one, but you got to make it count.
Choose your spot and drive through it, like it’s six inches behind the target.



* A girl’s got to be her own hero every now and again.

* I thought his attachment to people was a distraction slowing down his progress.
Now I realize the opposite is true.
Barry’s attachment to people, the people he care about, is actually the key to getting him up to speed.



* Everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives, has had a major case of the feels.
Those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling.
Today’s one of those days.
We think of our emotions like they’re these unique personal phenomena, that no one has ever felt what we have felt.
There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel.
Anger, love.
As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else.
But then I see her smile…Man, that cannot be science.

* You just run in blind.
There’s a difference, Barry, between having powers and having precision.



* Everyone has a hero, someone they look up to or admire, someone they just wish they could be.
It’s easy to believe in heroes,.
What’s hard is when our heroes stop believing in us.

* The people we admire aren’t always who we’d like them to be.

* The winner of the game is the one who makes the next-to-last mistake.

* Not every hero wears a mask.
Some heroes save the day in the simplest of ways.
By just being there for us, or letting us know we’re believed in.
If I’m any sort of hero today, it’s not because of my speed.
It’s because I learned how from the people in my life.
All of them.



* Everyone tells you to just be yourself.
But who is that really?

* Why would he come back here?
Because this is his home. I don’t mean the actual house, I mean Clarissa. She’s his home. We all want to go home again. You know, where we feel safe. Where we feel loved.

* You know, Einstein was not only brilliant, he had a great sense of humor. How did it go…”Any man who drives safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the pretty girl the attention she deserves.”



* Acceptance is a powerful thing.



* He’s out there every day in the darkness.
If he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, is probably because he wants to keep you in the light.



* There’s a natural order to things, okay?
Things happen the way they do.
We may not know why at the time, but there must always be a reason.

* Everyone has a contribution to make.
Perhaps you just haven’t discovered your yet.

* There is no science to coincidence.


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The Flash - Season 1 佳句分享
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The Flash - Season 1 佳句分享
The Flash - Season 1 佳句分享:*Every one of us is running.Being alive means running. Running from something, running to something, or someone.
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